Sublette County Weed and Pest has a mission to serve as responsible stewards of Sublette County by aiding in the protection and preservation of the land, water, and resources from the degrading impact of noxious weeds. We believe that the prevention of noxious weeds is the best approach and may be achieved through full implementation of the State noxious weed law. To further this approach, we strive for increased public awareness through improved educational efforts.


  •  HAY PRODUCERS: Due to the increase in twine use and to encourage further use, the District has adopted a policy for the use of certified weed free twine. For more information click here.

  •  Please join us as we promote PlayCleanGo. A educational campaign any organization can adopt with a unified message on how to stop the spread of invasive plants and animals. For more information please visit  PlayCleanGo.org.





SCWP has sprayers available.

spraying cemeteries
Some of our Big Piney Crew
2014 Spray Day
calibrating backpacks


2014 training

Crews focusing on weed identification.

Dry Piney

Dry Piney may not be so dry after all!


Regrouping with a plan of attack!

IMG_0595 (480x640)
WISAW May 8th



Crews getting instructions for the day


Julie Kraft hard at work.

Sublette county

Can't beat the views!

herbicidespraying cemeteriesSome of our Big Piney Crew2014 Spray DayCalibrating!!Crews focusing on weed identification.Dry Piney may not be so dry after all!Regrouping with a plan of attack!ANDYIMG_0595 (480x640)WISAW WeekCrews getting instructions for the dayweedsSublette county

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