Sublette County Weed & Pest Board



  • Doug Vickrey- Chairman

  • Jake Greenwood- Vice Chair

  • Pam Chrisman- Board Member

  • Suzy Michnevich- Board Member

  • Chad Hayward- Board Member

  • Julie Kraft- Supervisor- (307) 320-5047

  • Audra Rouge- Assistant- (307) 760-5737

  • Andy Currah- Assistant- (307) 360-9393

  • Kellie Sellers- Office Manager


One comment on “Board

  1. Jennifer Hayward

    I attended the cheatgrass meeting on March 25, 2015 at the Sublette County Library and wanted to commend Sublette County Weed and Pest and it’s staff for an excellent presentation on cheatgrass. The community participation was amazing and the interest in this plant in our area was shown through the attendance by our community and natural resource specialists. I appreciate the board deciding to list cheatgrass as a county designated noxious weed.

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