Wyoming Weed & Pest Council Scholarship Application

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Cost Share Programs for Designated and Declared Species

Prevention and early detection of invasive species are the most effective controls, saving time and money down the road. The Weed & Pest has established guidelines for assuming some or all of the cost of weed prevention and detection on private property. You can learn more about these cost-share programs.

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Download the cost share application here


Play Clean Go

SCWP recently partnered with Play Clean Go. Any program can adopt and utilize this campaign to complement their local outreach programs to further raise awareness of the spread of noxious weeds. For more information visit:

 Green River Basin Coordinated Weed Management Area

The Green River Basin Coordinated Weed Management Area: Watershed based weed management without fences.  Work with your neighbors to control weeds that are important in your area.

Hay Certification

Weed free forage information

Certified Weed Free Twine Information

North American Invasive Species Management Association


Wyoming Designated Pests:

  • Grasshoppers
  • Mormon crickets
  • Prairie dogs
  • Ground squirrels
  • Mountain pine beetle
  • Beet Leafhopper